Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser
It almost has been one day after Google release their new Chrome Browser, I begin a trip with Google Chrome Browser. If you are interest in it,you could find download URL in homepage of Google.

Does the world really need another big Web browser? With three major players—Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari—fighting the latest iteration of the browser wars, Google is set to elbow its way into the game today with Chrome, the search giant’s new, open-source software for browsing the Web. 

The focus of most people is whether could Chrome beat down IE and how fast while browsering. All that is unimportant for me. I just want to get the answer that Chrome is a good alternatives for IE user or not.

Although it looks like so cool, I still couldn't accept completely. The first reason is that there are not narrow or larger button in the lower right corner like IE. I know I can get the same effect using Ctrl and mouse, it's more convenient than portfolio operation that design of shortcuts. It's fatal of Firefox that user have no time to find various powerful plug-ins. Although you can meet all needs using plug-ins, the key question is where and how to get plug-ins fitting for myself. So the products should show all useful button, the standards of "useful" need to meet most of user.

But there are a breakthrough as a new comer,Google Chrome Browser could meet all existing standards like CSS and html. At least using it I couldn't find any unmoral while browsering many sites. As a webmaster,I should adjust the codes of my site to fit all browser,in order to prevent different effect in Firefox and IE. For Google Chrome, the nightmare don't begin. And I even still could refresh page by F5, it's same with IE.

Iit's forward force that Google Chrome Browser respect the habits of IE user.

Google Chrome Browser
Cool Appearance of Google Chrome Browser

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ad of Google AdWords

This is a brief introduction of Chinese Google AdWords.I find it while I login my AdSense account, but there are not english version, it looks like it is the product of 谷歌, which are the subsidiary of Google inc.

Travel In Hong Kong

This blog haven't update for almost one week, in last week,I travel in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the most prosperous city of China, And because of the parent of my employers is in Hong Kong, so I travel for CAT meeting in Hong Kong.

Someone said: the modern city is similar with each other. Although it's the first time for me traveling in Hong Kong,I'm not still interested in going out to visit or shopping, I spend most time on meeting and TV.Over all the trip is simple and hurry.

Just in the first day,I go to Victoria Harbour in the evening.the following image is not my works, I want to show how beautiful it's.

Travel In Hong Kong By comparison, the photo taken by myself is fear and appalling. The differen couldn't be removal just by more professional digital camera,I think more exercises maybe could improve my artictic impression.Travel In Hong KongThe most famous attractions in Victoria Harbour is Avenue of Stars.the Avenue of Stars is located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, in where you would find dozens of handprint of super star in chinese cinema, for example Jackie Chan.
Travel In Hong Kong Look at, it's so good way to contacts your idol.Another handprint I want to touch is belong to Liu Dehua, but there are so many fans that I couldn't get the chance to take a photo with "Liu Dehua" alone.If more careful,you maybe notice the book in photo,which is guide of traveling in Hong Kong by MTR. In Hong Kong,MTR is convenient and fast, the more crucial is that tourists can find enough tips in MTR and know how to arrive destinations.

Another charm in Hong Kong is shopping, in where you can buy so cheap cosmetics and digital products that someone come here just for shopping. But the advantage is belong to chinese lived in mainland, the low price is coming from low tax rate.

Lady need cosmetics and man like digital products, so most people can find fun while shopping.Tomorrow I would share this fun with visitors.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Habits Of User

It's most difficult to understand the search habits of user. Americans use different keyword while accessing the same information from search engine. And some factors affect search habit,for example culture and lifestyle.

So how to select keyword isn't simple selecting words.and my english SEO training isn't just learning english spelling.In view of this,I begin to view various news from western website,for example , and other media.

In fact, understanding the search habit of user is helpful for selecting keyword that could get good rank in google with easy work.There are so many keyword that many user concern without lot page indexed by google.Because I'm familiar with Chinese and live in China, so while selecting keyword I could find so many related keyword without competition high-rank website.

But google trend isn't only keyword tool,I ever depend on it and the effect is bad. The keyword displayed on google trend has short timeliness, While arranging the page and indexed by google, the related keyword has dropped out the list.

Although that, I still can learn the search habits while matter happen. happened time, name of parties etc, which is the attention?In this regard there are not one keyword tool can equal to google trend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How To Select Keyword

Yesterday,Some topics get hundreds viewers from Yahoo,who are searching one keyword or related.

But it's not acheivement should belong to my english SEO exercises. The keyword referenced above isn't the my focus. So I feel I should adjust the strategy while selecting keyword.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Google Adsense Smart Price

I ever read the Google Adsense Smart Price in chinese, while find there are one click one dollar in my blog, I hope to understand the smart price again and it maybe useful for you.And the below is writed by someone and I could find the original author.

Google's smart pricing feature automatically adjusts the cost of a keyword-targeted content click. So if our data shows that a click from a content page is less likely to turn into actionable business results - such as online sales, registrations, phone calls, or newsletter signups - we reduce the price you pay for that click. And this often used example explains how this works more precisely.

As an example of smart pricing, consider two websites, each related to digital photography. The first page features digital camera reviews, while the second offers photography tips. Clicks from the page of photography tips might be charged less, because they are expected to convert into sales less frequently, resulting in lower value for advertisers. Google data determines that clicks from the digital camera reviews convert better, so clicks from this page are not discounted.And since very little is publicly disclosed to publishers about how smart pricing specifically works, there are many questions surrounding it. However, while AdSense was attempting to get a publisher back from YPN, one support team member disclosed more details than perhaps he or she should have.

Here is what that team member disclosed, as well as other tidbits already known about smart pricing.

Smart pricing affects an entire account. It is not on a per page or per site basis. One poorly converting site can result in smart pricing impacting an entire account, even sites completely unrelated to the poorly converting one. Smart pricing is evaluated each week. So removing ads from sites you suspect are converting poorly could result in seeing an adjustment to a higher smart pricing percent in as little as a week. Smart pricing is tracked with a 30 day cookie, so you could be rewarded for new conversions that saw the initial click from your site up to 29 days earlier. Image ads are also affected by smart pricing. With smart pricing, an advertiser could end up paying less than their minimum bid, which would theoretically include the minimum bid price available, meaning publishers earn less for even the minimum valued clicks. Conversions for smart pricing publisher accounts are tracked by those advertisers who have opted into AdWords Conversion Tracking. This raises the question about whether publishers should be removing AdSense from sites they suspect are converting poorly, in order to increase their smart pricing percentage. The loss of revenue could be more than made up with higher smart pricing across the rest of the account. But publishers do not have access to any of the data that would be used to determine which sites (if any) are converting better than others.

It would also be hard to tell this from AdSense stats - even using channels to differentiate sites because one site with a low CPM could actually be converting the highest, but is simply in a lower earning niche. But a publisher could mistaken a low CPM for also being poorly converting and remove those ads... which could result in even smart pricing reducing overall per click earnings even more.

Other things can also affect day to day earnings that have absolutely nothing to do with smart pricing. This means it is extremely hard to track without information AdSense is unwilling to disclose about each account.

This kind of unknown situation makes it very tempting for publishers to want a second AdSense account, especially for publishers that have quality sites as well as "less than quality" sites. While second accounts are hard to get, I bet there are publishers who will be working on getting a new company name for this purpose.

How do you plan on using this information? Removing AdSense - or swapping it for YPN instead - and wait a week or two and see if there seems to be an increase in CPM? Wait and see what others do?

One Click One Dollar

One Click One Dollar Click above image you would find what's means one click one dollar. I haven't adsense click track tool,so I don't which are the clicked ad,but the per click's price let me excited.I'm used to the price just 0.03 per click.

The following picture is print-screen on my adsense account last day.

Page CTR is closed to 2% and impressions is over six thousands, but earnings is just about three dollars. The unit price is so low, this is why I give up chinese site and turn to study english SEO.I know the high price don't always being.First,there are not smart price in adsense for new site. and we couldn't make conclusion just by one click.

About the price of adsense,in fact I didn't trust the high-price keywords listed on anywhere on web, you should know you website have specific rank in adsense database,base on which google calculate your earnings, so don't publish post for "high-price keywords". And the advertisers will pay high price for the professional viewers, the value of your blog's reader is equal to your earnings.

Comparing with unit price, the page impressions and CTR is more least I think so.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

External Link

In last two day,google would indexed as soon as I post. It seems like google have trust Pan Bilin and some topics. Due to blogspot is a production of goole, I think google have specific channel to track any blogspot's updating.

It's benefits for some blog lacking of external link, as my blog.If your blog be created with self domain and hosts, you would need to find mass external link in order to guide google spider.

As for me, I'm in China,it's big trouble to buy a satisfactory host in USA. And I have not enough SEO resources in English.So in my point it's the best choice that begin to study english Seo in blogspot.

There are a tips to create mass link, some forum have high pr and pagerank in google,we can post our link in it. As we are not the black hat seoer, so we need to notice the forum viewers' feelling,

Even so that,Blog Link Building is still key work, but my current focus is enriching the content.In August,I hope I can hold on posting one or two article per day.Not only viewers but also search engine as google would love my blog with high update frequency.

Frequency is necessary,but I find competitor of Busby SEO Challenge have not mind it, most of which haven't update in last week.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Busby SEO Challenge

What's Busby Seo Challenge?

Busbywebsolutions held the Busby Search Engine Optimisation World Cup, the challenge is to get better rank in google. The winner is rank 1st in google's result in August 31th.

And the key phrase is Busby SEO Challenge.

Busby SEO Challenge's keyphrase

First price is US $5000 and first runner-up would get US $2000.

Why I Join Seo Challenge?

There are also SEO contest as Busby Seo Challenge in chinese,but I never join.This time I want to test my optimisation skill during match.

Challenge has started in June 1 and the finish date is August 31,which means I just have less than 30 days to use.

Who care?the result are never the focus I mind.During process,I learning english SEO skills.

Olympic Torch Telay In Tianjin

Olympic Torch Telay In Tianjin
Today,the olympic torch telay in Tian Jin.

Beijing olympic game is coming.

SEO of Blogspot

I think div and css is the best SEO method while building a site, and I familiar with div and css.

Due to the style information is included by css file, most of html file are real content,which is visual for viewers.

But blogspot and wordpress is different with above principle. There are so much style and js script in html file that proportion of the real content is low. did it be friendly with Search engine like google?

Another question is that the size of any page is over 50k,which is friendly with viewers while less than 20k.

Make Money Online

John Chow dot com is the most familiar blog for me,his blog title is "I Make Money Online by Telling People How Much Money I Make Online ".

It look like so many people be interested in how to make money online,at least I like to make money online, which are the purpose of studying SEO.

The same time I found so many blog blogging how to make money online,on which blogger talk about adsense and other advertisers.

I hope I can follow.

Up to now,there are new location of two blog:

Some Topics would be post some topics for fun.and Pan Bilin would record any knowledge about blog, including make money online and SEO.

But the most important is sharing SEO study with you.

Blog Link Building

Today I find that not only some topics have been indexed more page by google,bu also Pan Bilin blog achived too.

Maybe someone think it's so easy,but if you familiar with baidu, you should know it's friendly that to index personal blog with sub-domain within two days.

All of external link of two blog comes, I submit the new post while completed.

But some topics and Pan Bilin have not any pagerank in google, so all traffic come from digg user and myself.

Due to link building is an essential and hard work for every blogger,it would be easy if you have other website or blog with high pagerank in google,and you can pay some dollars for back link.

Unfortunately,I have not and I can not.

Are there free method to get mass link?

The first,you can bet any other blogger link to your site or blog.

Although my blog is lack of wonderful post,I still can get positive response from friendly blogger.

Second,there are so many navigation site like to give you link,it's most important that some reader would following the link to you blog.

How to find helpful navigation site?I usually select in bottom of other blogger.

Do you have any more method to buiding your blog's link?Kindly notice me.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is misunderstanding

Just now, I find my test blog in google's result. the abnormal while indexing looks like a misunderstanding.

Actually I think the some topics have not value for reader, all article are design under ulterior motives, the topics is come from Google trend and the information comes from other blogger.

The most key is that my English spelling is so poor that I couldn't organize as my will.

For example I didn't Jason Bay and fantasy baseball, but I need to talk about it, which let the blog so hard and waste time.

I need more patience and time to research english SEO, and I think the test blog should have a specific topics, the blog including all kinds of content is not kind for search engine like google.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abnormal while indexing

The some topics has been created in July 26, I post two article at that day and submit the post to, which is the best way that site would be found by google search bot.

In July 28, I found the site had been indexed in google's database, which means I have competence to get traffic from google. And it's good begin for some topics.

Just now I find error notice while I enter in search box in google.

I often find this kind action in, which is the most popular search engine.

Google maybe need more time to index some topics.

I'm BiLin

About Me and this blog

I'm Steven Pan, People call me Pan bilin in China. Title of this blog just is my Chinese name.

My Vocational is account, furthermore I'm webmaster in spare time, I like to design and promotion my site. And I believe the most effective method to promote website is getting good rank in left of google's result. Everyone call it as SEO in webmaster circle.

I have a Chinese site and the daily revenue is just about ten dollars, so I need to test and study the method of SEO. The most important significance of the blog is that I would record the process in it. I hope these article would be helpful for you.

In addition, I like to express my mind and share with you about hot film and book etc.

Pan bilin is not the begin of my SEO trial, the official sample Some Topics has been created in July 26.

There are a differen between two blog, Some Topics are focus on hot keyword in google trends, I want to get mass traffic and make money online like John Chow. But Pan bilin would record how to make money by some topics.