Sunday, May 10, 2009

video of my son

Today I have time to collating some video in DV finally.

At first I want to share those video in Youtube, but it looks like China Block Youtube still going on. in the end I have to upload it on, which are largest video shared site in China.

But I couldnot find that the speed uploading video in in China mainland is better than Youtube oversea.

You can find the video of my son in this url: And below object is newest video.

Friday, May 8, 2009

how to do without salary increase

Although I still in holiday for my baby, my collegue sent a message to me that the boss decide all staff's salary not to increase in the middle of year.

In accordance with the practice, everyone could get a chance to increase salary each year. I think the decivison is due to economic crisis.

How to do?

The first mind is make money online and soho, in fact I have the ability of make money at home. I could make money via website and blog. But the other fact is I could convince the family to understand my select, they hope I be stability and normal, it's clear that make money at home is not method they could accept.

I'm troubled by the same question, no one could make money online untill their website and blog in certain scale.

How to do?

soho or make money at home is my dream and I have enough time staying with my baby. I must work hard online for this target.

Before I leave this company, I still need hard work, it's my other duty.