Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser
It almost has been one day after Google release their new Chrome Browser, I begin a trip with Google Chrome Browser. If you are interest in it,you could find download URL in homepage of Google.

Does the world really need another big Web browser? With three major players—Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari—fighting the latest iteration of the browser wars, Google is set to elbow its way into the game today with Chrome, the search giant’s new, open-source software for browsing the Web. 

The focus of most people is whether could Chrome beat down IE and how fast while browsering. All that is unimportant for me. I just want to get the answer that Chrome is a good alternatives for IE user or not.

Although it looks like so cool, I still couldn't accept completely. The first reason is that there are not narrow or larger button in the lower right corner like IE. I know I can get the same effect using Ctrl and mouse, it's more convenient than portfolio operation that design of shortcuts. It's fatal of Firefox that user have no time to find various powerful plug-ins. Although you can meet all needs using plug-ins, the key question is where and how to get plug-ins fitting for myself. So the products should show all useful button, the standards of "useful" need to meet most of user.

But there are a breakthrough as a new comer,Google Chrome Browser could meet all existing standards like CSS and html. At least using it I couldn't find any unmoral while browsering many sites. As a webmaster,I should adjust the codes of my site to fit all browser,in order to prevent different effect in Firefox and IE. For Google Chrome, the nightmare don't begin. And I even still could refresh page by F5, it's same with IE.

Iit's forward force that Google Chrome Browser respect the habits of IE user.

Google Chrome Browser
Cool Appearance of Google Chrome Browser