Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How To Find Approving Hostting?

The title of this post just attract, I could not tell you how to find approving hostting, because I'm bother about my hostting.
I have try so many hostting service including Godaddy, but there still are a wide range of problem.
Maybe you think the Godaddy hostting is trustworthy, it's true, but it's not fitting for my acctually status, the viewers is Chinese and the language of my site is Chinese too, the slowly hostting could be forecasted. The more important is that Chinese net police deny my domain named Godaddy hostting IP, it's so terrible!
I recognise that the content in my site is fitting for everybody, but it's not adult site and useful for so many people life.
But the net police don't think's why my site couldn't running on via mainland hostting and I select the oversea hostting.
Url of my site is .is it a adult site?
Don't give up and change myself to fitting the environment, so I decide that to change the site appearance and look for a service for a steady-going status.

Monday, April 6, 2009 start

I have posted the first post in , it means my Chinese blog life start. It's fresh regional that I should learn so much new knowledge.

For example I should learn how to build the relations between other blogger. It's so important that it would effect wosoho's future. Blog is a communication and the relation between blogger and viewers is the first.

Then the tool of blog is other important, you can find so many new tool in some successful blog, for example Twitter and facebook or other plug . Most of they be created in English and it's more useful in western blog.

But I wouldn't imporve wosoho in this month, I'm a newbie and I know there are double work following rash decide.the only work in next month is one post each day and test a variety of function plug.

It's a personal blog talking about how to begin your soho plan and how to enjoy your soho life.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beijing ABC

After Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, there are so many people want to know oldest Beijing, in fact Beijing is a fasion city today.

And you couldn't know the truely Beijing from western media, the best way is coming to Beijing and view my new blog about Beijing:, in which my friend lived in Beijing would update the news and its history.

Two viewer give a feedback in beijingABC yesterday, it's good news for my friend, and I believe he would work hardly in next day. There are a question that why no one comment in my personal blog?