Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is misunderstanding

Just now, I find my test blog in google's result. the abnormal while indexing looks like a misunderstanding.

Actually I think the some topics have not value for reader, all article are design under ulterior motives, the topics is come from Google trend and the information comes from other blogger.

The most key is that my English spelling is so poor that I couldn't organize as my will.

For example I didn't Jason Bay and fantasy baseball, but I need to talk about it, which let the blog so hard and waste time.

I need more patience and time to research english SEO, and I think the test blog should have a specific topics, the blog including all kinds of content is not kind for search engine like google.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abnormal while indexing

The some topics has been created in July 26, I post two article at that day and submit the post to, which is the best way that site would be found by google search bot.

In July 28, I found the site had been indexed in google's database, which means I have competence to get traffic from google. And it's good begin for some topics.

Just now I find error notice while I enter in search box in google.

I often find this kind action in, which is the most popular search engine.

Google maybe need more time to index some topics.

I'm BiLin

About Me and this blog

I'm Steven Pan, People call me Pan bilin in China. Title of this blog just is my Chinese name.

My Vocational is account, furthermore I'm webmaster in spare time, I like to design and promotion my site. And I believe the most effective method to promote website is getting good rank in left of google's result. Everyone call it as SEO in webmaster circle.

I have a Chinese site and the daily revenue is just about ten dollars, so I need to test and study the method of SEO. The most important significance of the blog is that I would record the process in it. I hope these article would be helpful for you.

In addition, I like to express my mind and share with you about hot film and book etc.

Pan bilin is not the begin of my SEO trial, the official sample Some Topics has been created in July 26.

There are a differen between two blog, Some Topics are focus on hot keyword in google trends, I want to get mass traffic and make money online like John Chow. But Pan bilin would record how to make money by some topics.