Thursday, March 26, 2009

China Block YouTube

YouTube is most popular video sharing site in the world, and is production belong to Google inc as same as From Monday of this week, the viewers in china mainland couldn't land on The reason is China govement block Youtube.

It's not the first time that China block foreign site. In long period we couldn't use

There are a few guesswork about the reason, I think it's because Chinese govement don't want to be effected by limitless freedom from west. The different value and life style lead the warp and unfair over China.How many people know Tiben? Why did you reject Olympic?If you want to know China, please come here, don't believe the lie in the paper. Could you spend few minutes to read the hides behind a facade of non-violence?

Of course, I don't recognize we are right all time.I hope you could hear our voice.

In fact,YouTube isn't popular in Chinese internet users same with US, so China block Youtube isn't big effect for common person's life. Most people share video in Tudou or Youku.As a company focusing on make money,Google and YouTube should know how to keep the site runing normally, not to discussing the political thinking.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wosoho.Com And Soho

March 23,I registered domain mean I want to soho.And wo is I in Chinese.

It have been ten day after's expiration date, And it's lucky that there are not other compete, I would haven't chance to get it if there are.

Soho is abbreviation of small office home office. Mostly people regard it as make money online.Actually soho include other factor, for example free lance and artist.its antonym is staff in office, The most difference between two is free schedule. and it's because that so many people want to be a soho. In, I would talk about how to begin your soho plan. But you should know Chinese.

As one life style, there aren't any fixed rule fitting with soho. In my preliminary plan the categories are website,blogger,saler online and fun during soho, which are method of soho.

And the title would be:I soho by telling people how to soho.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Diffculty To Find Hot Keywords

Actually I know it's diffculty to find hot keywords early, so many competitors are pointing on google and Yahoo, and I just a new guy entering this field.

Now  I used to find hot keywords by google trend and Yahoo! Buzz Index, which be apply so universal that any little dynamic should bring huge content about related keywords. Even if my blogger appear in search result, the result just is blog search, how many are people using it?

On the other hand, I'm not live in US, I couldn't know what's the hotest and what would be hot in the first time. More serious is that I don't understand what's means of those words, for example shauna raisch , not any language tools could tell me the means.

Perhaps blogging passively and focusing one aspect is fitting for me. so I create a new blog in blogspot, talking about Resume Samples, I think it's useful and popular while so many people find jobs.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Domain is Brand

Essentiality of domain don't need any intro. And the sub-url as just is a excess, no guy can develop their blog base on third party.

I don't care the related expense about domain and space, the key question is how to find a domain, which would be a brand belong to me.

In my blog construct plan, I should build two blog with Chinese and English, but they have the same problem:domain. I have thought out a domain fitting with Chinese content, which is ringing and short, just six letter.but it haven't released after expiration date and I find its status is pendingDelete, perhaps I could register after five days without any other competition.

As for English blog, I have not any idea. the maybe is a good choice, at least so many person blog's domain is their first name, as much as I know, the JohnChow dot com is the famous example. Even though I have read a post that JohnChow is regret.

In fact, I enjoy some originality domain, which is novelty and difficulty to forget. For example withink,it's good to understand it's complex with with and think.howhy is another example. But it's others' creation.

Maybe some online tools could give me a little I know the registrars can help suggest good domain name ideas.After I type in the domain name I want, the online tool tell will suggest a list of other domain that I might be interested in, which usually add words before of after your search term. by now I still have not get any valuable suggest from it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From Chinese To English Website

Time has passed half a year after previous update, I still did not do anything for my English SEO process.

But there are a good news,my chinese website is back on track, near ten thousand let me have almost one hundred RMB income each day.And I get more idea about how to get more traffic, the near target is that the income reach two hundred RMB every day before July.

Of course, the process is more difficult than talk. At first I couldn't find trustworthy host, almost all IDC need check website content base on unconscionable standard, I transfer my site to Godaddy, the largest IDC in the world.

Although the host price is more cheap, there are still two hidden danger, first is the host speed and another is the IP. Due to the viewer is come from mainland, so the hosting in oversea could not service speedy as domestic IDC. it's lucky that the negative impact is less than expected.

The problem about IP is that the director department would limit netizen browse some site oversea sometimes. it's unpredictable.

My new hosting have 150GB space and 1500GB bandwidth every month, the current bandwidth usage is 3000M each day and the monthly usage is just 90G, which is a tiny fraction of all. So the plan of English site can restart.

In next day I need to decide blow question:
1st: the blogger or website using content management system?
2nd: the content focus on one field or chase hot topics from google trend?

If the culling base on my interest, the answer is blogging my life in English as this blog. On the other side, I can not refuse the satisfaction accompanied by huge IP and income. After all make money online is many people's target.