Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SEOmoz Affiliate Program Launch – The SEO Software Affiliate Program

Today SEOmoz announced that they would launch affiliate program for their SEO software, you could make money by promoting SEOmoz software, the operation is same with any other affiliate program.
Below is the feature I collect from their introduction:

  1. the minimum commission is $50
  2. 60-day cookie
  3. Affiliate platform is HasOffers
  4. 30-day pay period
  5. and others

SEOmoz's SEO software is most popular software in this area, it's good choice for affiliate to working with one famous brand, but it does not mean we could make big money from SEOmoz affiliate program now, can you sell murphy to farmer? mostly potential users of SEO software are marketer like you, why should we share commission of ourselves order with other guys? not ourselves. If you are, please tell me and order with my affiliate link, thanks!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

PPC Search Arbitrage Come Back?

If you didn't know what's PPC Search Arbitrage, you could read Jake Baillie's post in 2006, in which you could even find out the history of PPC search arbitrage. In short PPC arbitrage means sending mass traffic in low price to your landing page placing AD from other advertiser with higher CTR, your profit comes from the  margin between outgoing ppc * revshare * CTR and source PPC.
Maybe you notice it's so profitable as for you can easy expand your input and get more revenue. But the most important is how to find the difference between different advertisers and the second are insuring the CTR of your landing page.
Some internet magnate, including Yahoo Shopping, CNet, Shopping.com, Verizon, Info.com, PriceGrabber, NextTag, eBay, etc. take part in PPC search arbitrage too. Off course that they have blotted out in their real business model.
But PPC search arbitrage infract Google's policy and profit, so Google forbid similar operation in 2006 and in this year many AdWords accounts were banned. For someone, PPC arbitrage is died in 2006.
Is it true?
Just after two years, Danny Sullivan find Ask.com Plays The Google AdWords Arbitrage Game in 2008, so PPC arbitrage still alive and Google just say no to smaller business owner.
Ask.com is not the only example, Info.com begin to follow it, let's review below Info.com's landing page.
PPC Search Arbitrage Come Back
How about? It's unassailable MFA site.
But I don't suggest you follow those operation, if you have ability that finding keyword with low cost and high conversion rate, why not try CPA? it's more profitable and safe.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I Did not Became a Millionaire Accidentally?

Last day, Jeremy Schoemaker post a funny post in his blog: The Accidental Millionaires, without talking about any affiliate tips or marketing skill and just make a simple review for last seven years. The emphases in post is saying thanks to Internet. It's right, INTERNET is a amazing opportunity for anyone and help someone like Jeremy turn to millionaire owning multi million dollar companies.
I never believe that it's accidentally, if it's true, why I did not became a millionaire accidentally? Don't forget that it's fair in internet between Jeremy and me.
The only reason is sloth, mostly work I plan or need to do was cancel after I convince myself with other various reason, but the true reason is that I'm lazy.
It's a terrible fact surely, expressly for affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing needs testing ceaselessly and always absorb fresh material in swift internet age, all of that need more and more time, sloth means logjam and I just be common marketer after several years.
This year, I work more hard now and achieve more goal immediately, I'll turn to millionaire in next year in my working schedule, it's not accidentally at all.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turn to Email Marketing

I will begin a Email marketing test in the next days after planing long time.

Always I have a misunderstanding that Email is needless capital in Web2.0, this opinion comes from habit of mostly of Chinese on internet. Although I need to check my two or three Email inbox several times daily, but I think it's requirement of business and mostly common people shouldn't log their Email one time in the whole month. I'm right for it's real in China and wrong because it is not fit for Occidental.

John Chow thought his biggest mistake while marketing is that he didn't build a Email list in the begin of blogging, after discovering the secret of list, he begin to build huge list immediately like other super affiliate marketer.

Perhaps people would not pay more time in sending or receiving Email, but their email address would be their username in Facebook. and they still need receive some notice from their service such as Paypal etc. after using so long time, Email address even become a special identity symbol in internet.

I'm wrong and underrate the effect of Email Marketing, it's time to put right. So I would begin a test to understand the real of Email Marketing.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unexpected Commission

This morning I received a mail said that I earn one commission from some affiliate program, the amount is $134.04.
It's unexpected and great, because this commission came from one of my niche blogger, I just set up it and post one review in January. without any outside link and even without analysis code. So I don't where the commission comes from even.
And there are another unexpected revenue, typo domain.
How much do you paid for one click? I find a good method and got bulk traffic with the cost of domain register in last month.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Affiliate Age

I always think that affiliate marketer is difference with webmaster, although both of them make money online with blog or website, which is same between affiliate marketer and webmaster.
Before 2010, I'm a webmaster and now I'm trying more and more marketing method, the focus of my work is promote the business, not simple building website or blog.
The key of affiliate is that all sorts of method is not the purpose, which just help us achieve aim.
For example, link building help your website get more better position on Google's SERP, but how to get good exterior link is not important, and you must know that paid link is same to hard comment on famous blogger, you have more time to find next niche with a little invest on paid link.
In past half of year, I buy link weekly and outsource some program, so I could arrange more work and test more method. Maybe you need some money and there are some risk, but time is money also and losing time means more risk.
But I have not get any progress in English market, which would be my focus in next half of year.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

With Think In Relaxed Day

Today is relaxed day and I put some time in web game and read post in Google reader, it's more important that no one disturb me, my son is be cared by his mother and grandfather.
This day I have time to think working plan of next year.
Although my online earning is steady, but I can see the crisis in 2010, how to elude and develop to next level? and the key problem is where is next hot point?
For some webmaster in China, more and more people would buy the foreign hosting to avoid domestic control. it's good idea that as a good bridge between webmaster and hosting affiliate.
Comparing with the other affiliate,  hosting company is generous and mostly commision is nearly $100.I like them.
Off course there are some competitor already, preliminary work plan is to set up a sub-domain of www.wosoho.com talking about foreign hosting and domain.
At the same time, domestic application like twitter is a good marketing place and I have start marketing in sina.
you can find some coupon code of domain and hosting in http://t.sina.com.cn/usidc.I'll promo it in next days and let more people buy foreign hosting via low price.