Thursday, September 2, 2010

Affiliate Age

I always think that affiliate marketer is difference with webmaster, although both of them make money online with blog or website, which is same between affiliate marketer and webmaster.
Before 2010, I'm a webmaster and now I'm trying more and more marketing method, the focus of my work is promote the business, not simple building website or blog.
The key of affiliate is that all sorts of method is not the purpose, which just help us achieve aim.
For example, link building help your website get more better position on Google's SERP, but how to get good exterior link is not important, and you must know that paid link is same to hard comment on famous blogger, you have more time to find next niche with a little invest on paid link.
In past half of year, I buy link weekly and outsource some program, so I could arrange more work and test more method. Maybe you need some money and there are some risk, but time is money also and losing time means more risk.
But I have not get any progress in English market, which would be my focus in next half of year.

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