Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turn to Email Marketing

I will begin a Email marketing test in the next days after planing long time.

Always I have a misunderstanding that Email is needless capital in Web2.0, this opinion comes from habit of mostly of Chinese on internet. Although I need to check my two or three Email inbox several times daily, but I think it's requirement of business and mostly common people shouldn't log their Email one time in the whole month. I'm right for it's real in China and wrong because it is not fit for Occidental.

John Chow thought his biggest mistake while marketing is that he didn't build a Email list in the begin of blogging, after discovering the secret of list, he begin to build huge list immediately like other super affiliate marketer.

Perhaps people would not pay more time in sending or receiving Email, but their email address would be their username in Facebook. and they still need receive some notice from their service such as Paypal etc. after using so long time, Email address even become a special identity symbol in internet.

I'm wrong and underrate the effect of Email Marketing, it's time to put right. So I would begin a test to understand the real of Email Marketing.

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