Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I Did not Became a Millionaire Accidentally?

Last day, Jeremy Schoemaker post a funny post in his blog: The Accidental Millionaires, without talking about any affiliate tips or marketing skill and just make a simple review for last seven years. The emphases in post is saying thanks to Internet. It's right, INTERNET is a amazing opportunity for anyone and help someone like Jeremy turn to millionaire owning multi million dollar companies.
I never believe that it's accidentally, if it's true, why I did not became a millionaire accidentally? Don't forget that it's fair in internet between Jeremy and me.
The only reason is sloth, mostly work I plan or need to do was cancel after I convince myself with other various reason, but the true reason is that I'm lazy.
It's a terrible fact surely, expressly for affiliate marketing.
Affiliate Marketing needs testing ceaselessly and always absorb fresh material in swift internet age, all of that need more and more time, sloth means logjam and I just be common marketer after several years.
This year, I work more hard now and achieve more goal immediately, I'll turn to millionaire in next year in my working schedule, it's not accidentally at all.

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