Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SEOmoz Affiliate Program Launch – The SEO Software Affiliate Program

Today SEOmoz announced that they would launch affiliate program for their SEO software, you could make money by promoting SEOmoz software, the operation is same with any other affiliate program.
Below is the feature I collect from their introduction:

  1. the minimum commission is $50
  2. 60-day cookie
  3. Affiliate platform is HasOffers
  4. 30-day pay period
  5. and others

SEOmoz's SEO software is most popular software in this area, it's good choice for affiliate to working with one famous brand, but it does not mean we could make big money from SEOmoz affiliate program now, can you sell murphy to farmer? mostly potential users of SEO software are marketer like you, why should we share commission of ourselves order with other guys? not ourselves. If you are, please tell me and order with my affiliate link, thanks!

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