Saturday, January 16, 2010

With Think In Relaxed Day

Today is relaxed day and I put some time in web game and read post in Google reader, it's more important that no one disturb me, my son is be cared by his mother and grandfather.
This day I have time to think working plan of next year.
Although my online earning is steady, but I can see the crisis in 2010, how to elude and develop to next level? and the key problem is where is next hot point?
For some webmaster in China, more and more people would buy the foreign hosting to avoid domestic control. it's good idea that as a good bridge between webmaster and hosting affiliate.
Comparing with the other affiliate,  hosting company is generous and mostly commision is nearly $100.I like them.
Off course there are some competitor already, preliminary work plan is to set up a sub-domain of talking about foreign hosting and domain.
At the same time, domestic application like twitter is a good marketing place and I have start marketing in sina.
you can find some coupon code of domain and hosting in'll promo it in next days and let more people buy foreign hosting via low price.